Daycare Hours and Pricing

Daycare is available

6AM–6PM Monday through Friday


Daycare outdoor/indoor play

Full day $35.00

1/2 day (4hrs) $18

Seasonal Swim 30 minutes $20.00

Clients that pick up their dog past

6pm will be charged 

$1.00 every minute late 

 Pet Items to Bring If Needed:



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Inside Play
During daycare your dog will be able to play in our temperature controlled indoor play area.
There are seperate play areas for large dogs and small dogs. 
All floors are high quality play time rubber matting which is an ideal option for your dog to play on.
There are cots and blankets available for any dog that needs a rest  
Outside Play
During Daycare your dog will be able to play in our large fenced in play area where your dog can run or just relax in the shade on our new pet turf
On hot days, kiddie pools will be available all day to cool off 
Agility and toys will also be available all day for our doggie guests to enjoy
Special offerings:
Seasonal swim time in Lake Whalom  
*Only for dogs that have been screened for the special offering activities will be allowed to participate